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The Simorghian Movement

Neo-Paganism of modern Iran and our Mithraism Japanese with English parallel Text 2007.11.11

-An introduction to their coming and development in the East Asia.

تحول باورهاى استوره اى ودينى در فرهنگ ژاپن by Dr. J. Jamshidi 2009.2.8

-A comprehensive introduction to the development of astral worship and religion in Japan.



ﻤﻬر ٽرستى (ميتراٸيسم) Mithraism in East and West by Dr. J. Jamshidi 2005

-An introduction to Mithraism: its origin, unfolding and integration.

يذدان ﻤﻬر Yazdan Mehr (Mithra) by Dr. J. Jamshidi 2005

-An introduction to Yazdan Mithra and his seven archangels.

Myth of Simorghian Mithraism 2009.04.26

-A Reconstruction of Mithraic Myth in the Simorghian Time



An Introduction to the Simorghian Culture and Mithraism in the East Asia 2009.02.01

-A comprehensive introduction to their coming and development in the East Asia.

Ancient Iranian Culture and its influences on Japanese Culture 2007.01.21

Part 1 Part 2-1 Part 2-2

-A speech text at Mino City Maple Center 2007 Feb 21

and at Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tokyo 2007 Apr 21

Zen Buddhism and Persian Culture 2010.04.19

-Influence of Persian culture upon Zen Buddhism

-The cultural background why Bodhidharma the founder of Zen is called “Blue eyed Persian”.

 On the History of Incorporation of Iranian Gods into Buddhism 2011.11.27 New!

-A view that sees Mahāyāna Buddhism as Iranization (or more correctly Mithraismization) of Buddhism.

-Explanation on important historical and archaeological facts and chronological order of incorporation of Iranian Gods into Buddhism.



Ten Bull Pictures and Roman Mysteries of Mithta in the Light of Simorgh 2009.02.01

-An introduction to Mysteries of Mithra incorporated into Zen Buddhism.



Theosophy: A Modern Revival of the Simorghian Culture 2009.02.01

 -A comprehensive introduction to Theosophy from Simorghian point of view.

Manichaeism, Esoteric Buddhism and Oriental Theosophy 2009.03.23

  -A discussion on the common ontological scheme and spiritual believes among these three schools.



gahshomar1390 (2011-2012) by Dr. J. Jamshidi 2011

  -Iranian calendar in Persian with commentaries.




Arabic Parts & Sabian Symbol Astrology of Your Life:

@nifty, BIGLOBE, MSN, OCN, So-net, Yahoo!, goo & Alternatives:

@nifty, BIGLOBE, OCN, goo, So-net, Yahoo!’s Esoteric Astrology

@nifty, So-net, ocn, Yahoo!, BIGLOBE, goo


Mithra’s Esoteric Astrology 2009.10.18

  -An introduction to its textual sources and its system.



Adventure of Mithra 2007.12.23

   -A Mithraic adventure comic in Japanese style.



persepolis04メディア人色調整_Trim1.jpg アナーヒター銀皿6世紀エルミタージュ蔵1200_H1000.jpg 広隆寺霊宝殿.弥勒菩薩半跏像(泣き弥勒)20080521_trim1.jpg ミトラダビデ風のコスモス十二星座具象版.jpg


Simorgh & Ram



ライオン神像1_グスタフ・ガンドルフォH1000_2.png 孔雀明王600自動スマート補正広域シャープネス.セピア色W500.png ミトラのタウロクトニー写真+明教の宇宙3D2_Trim2.jpg 十二芒星護符.赤弥勒フリギア帽赤服帯剣新服とマント.三重ストロボ真名と七曜.新帽子グラデW1000_bak.png


Melek Tawus





Masato TOJO, Ph. D. Chairman of Mithraeum Japan



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Recommended Books


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