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Mithraic Myth in Picture Story

-Adventure of Mithra-




Part I Notes

1. Artistic Notes

2. Characters

3. Story


Part II Picture Story

1. Beginning of the Adventure

2. A Village of Snakes

3. Promise of Mithra

4. White Horse Became the First Comrade of Mithra

5. The Horde of Jinns

6. Mithrafs Judgement

7. Vritra Became Mitrafs Second Comrade

8. Epilogue


Part III@Notes




Part I Preliminary Notes



1. Artistic Notes

gThe Adventure of Mithrah

  It was drawn in 1988, colored in August 2007. The story was modified according to Simorghian philosophy in August 2007.


Other Stories

  There are five comics about young Mithra. Their titles are as follows:


M1. The Rule of Hades

M2. The Adventure of Little Mithra and a Mouse

M3. Illustrated Tale of Mithra

M4. A Tale of Fararad

M5. The Adventure of Mithra




(1) Mithra saves those who suffered from various prejudices and unfair-treatments.

(2) The justice of Mithra is based upon Love and Friendship. It is not revenge.

(3) Mithra punishes those who get profit and joy in sacrifice of others.



2. Characters


  He is the Prince of the Heaven, the Emperor of the Heaven (the Lord God) in the next world-cycle. He is twelve years old now. Just after he finished learning under his teacher-mentor Shahrivar, he descended to the Earth to prove his virtue and competence by doing many good works.


Old Zurwan

  He is the father of Ahura Mazda, the grandfather of Mithra. He is the retired Emperor of the Heaven.


Ahura Mazda

  He is the son of Zurwan. He was the Emperor of the Heaven. He succeeded Lordship from his big btother Ahriman. He created the material world (Geteg). Gods (devas) of his big brother came to dwell in it. For they lead their life according to their own rule, many conflicts and turmoil occurred. Ahura Mazda took various measures in vain. He was so tired and became unwilling that he resigned into seclusion, giving back the heavenly-lordship to his father Zurwan. He hopes his son (Mithra) will make necessary reform and realize good governance.


Ahura Mazda



 He is another son fo Zurwan. Twin brother of Ahura Mazda. He is the elder. By Zurwanfs decision, he has reigned the first nine thousands years of the world cycle (total twenty years). After giving lordship to Ahura Mazda, he secluded to the Hades (Underworld). He was dissatisfied for the way of life of his gods and creatrures are completely denied in the material world (Geteg). He hopes Mithra to establish a new world order (Great Harmony) to improve this situation, when Mithra become the lord. He supports Mithra to establish new world order (Great harmony).


Ahriman (Lionish God)



  He is the lord adviser. He is a wise god and is a treasure of ancient wisdom (Simorghian culture). He is a philosopher and the teacher-mentor of young Mithra. He taught Mithra what ggood governanceh should be and advised him to develop post-modern philosophy.


White horse, the Seven Knights and the golden serpent

  They are loyal subjects of young Mithra. White horse is Tishtrya. Seven Knights are seven yazatas (Sraosha, Rashnu, Bahram, Bahman, Anahita, Raam, Khwar). The golden serpent is a serpent which twisted around Mithra in Roman icons.


The horde of Jinns

They are evil spirits. They love killing and destroying. They are so shrewd that both Ahura Mazda and Ahriman hate them.


The snakes

They suffered from the old law which declared the snakes are evil creatures. They prayed for Mithra to realize justice and fair treatment of them. They are the first creatures of Ahriman saved by Mithra in this comics.




Part II Picture Story



Mithra the Friend



1. Beginning of the Adventure

  Here stand young Mithra, old Zurwan and wise Shahrivar on the clouds.

Today is the day for Mithra to descend to the Earth.


Before furthering the story, I will explain the background story shortly:


In the Heaven Lord God Ahura Mazda was so tired to rule the world that he resigned into a life of seclusion, giving back his lordship to his father Zurwan. Therefore there is no lord in the heaven now.

Old Zurwan re-assumed the Emperor (Lor God) again and ruled the world temporary. Ahriman and devas did not cease spreading disorder and violence on Earth, for his father Zurwan did not show any new policy to satisfy them.


Old Zurwan knew it was not his job but Mithras. Zurwan decided to let Mithra assume the Emperor (Lord God) as fast as possible, and let him re-establish new world order and recover the peace of the world.


Old Zurwan appointed wise Shahrivar as the teacher-mentor of young Mithra.

Shahrivar taught Mithra everything such as menog, geteg (cosmos), reincarnation, Under-world and others.

He also taught martial arts.

Mithra learned what he could learn in the Heaven until he became twelve years old.


Wise Shahrivar proposed Mithra inorder to prove his virtue and competence, descend to the Earth and do many good works.

Old Zurwan agreed with it.


Thatfs the story.


Before Mithra descended, his grandfather Zurwan told him the reason why Ahura Mazda resigned. He said to Mithra, gYour father hopes you to realize what he failed.h

Mithra, after saluting to his grandfather and his teacher-mentor, became a thunder and descend to the Earth.


Mithra learned about geteg (the cosmos) from Shahrivar in the Heaven.


He also learned about menog and reincarnation mechanism.


Shahrivar proposed him to descend to the Earth in order to accomplish his training as next Lord God. Old Zurwan said to him, gDescend to the Earth and prove your virtue and competence by doing many good works.h


Before Mithrafs descend, Shahrivar told him (Mithra) why his father (Ahura Mazda) resigned. He said to Mithra, gYou are your fatherfs hope.h


2. A Village of Snakes

  The scene changed to a village of snakes. They (snakes) are persecuted, because the law (word) of Ahura Mazda said snakes are creatures of evil. A white horse came every Friday to desroy their houses. A hoard of Jinns came to loot every Saturday.


  They (snakes) held a meeting and surveyed old books. Finally they found a god who would save them from this suffering. The god they found was Mithra. It was written that Mithra is a god of justice in the book. They thought this god must be a protector god of them, for it was also written in the book that a serpent twisted around the god as his co-worker. They got a great joy and cried that this god must be their savoir and protector.


  Soon, they drew a large magic heptagram and prayed for the god of justice to come. They prayed so feverishly in one, the prayer reached Mithra. He, descending as a thunder, turned its direction to the snake village. With a great flash and light, he appeared in the center of the heptagram.


Snakes were surprised, when they saw Mithra. For Mithra was twelve year child and not a god they imagined. They imagined him to be a tall and stout man, just like a gigantic wrestler and hoped him to be a merciless revenger and punisher. But Mithra was not a giant nor a revenger nor a punisher. He was a god of justice and a god of love and friendship.


At that time, a white horse was stumping on a snake village.


Snakes made a magic heptagram and prayed for the god of justice to come.


Their prayer pulled Mithra. He appeared in the center of the magic heptagram.


3. Promise of Mithra

  As soon as Mithra heard the story from snakes, he promised them to subdue the white horse ad skullmen. gI can discriminate wither he is a good one or an evil one at a glance. If he still has goodness, I will save him. If he has no goodness, I will punish him thoroughlyh. Snakes were disappointed slightly, for they wanted to give merciless revenge on them. But they accepted his word and satisfied finally.


Mithra heard the situation from the snakes, he said to them, gCount on me!h


4. White Horse Became the First Comrade of Mithra

  Snakes said to Mithra that the white horse came every Friday. So he waited until the next Friday. Snakes said to him it was safer to hide behind a hill near the village. So he hid with them.


  At noon, the white horse came. He stumped on the shacks and destroyed. He seemed to release his frustration by destroying shacks. Observing the horse and its behavior carefully, Mithra dashed to the horse and ride on him. At first the horse tried to throw Mithra away from his back, but finally the horse was subdued to Mithra.


Mithra asked the horse to tell about his story. The horse told his story. He was a god of Persia He said gmy name is Tishtrya and is now in guise of a white horse. I am keeping the law of Ahura Mazda. The more I destroyed houses of snakes, the more I will be rewordedh.


Mithra said to Tishtrya, gYou are wrong. My father never ordered to persecute them. To realize Great Harmony is my fatherfs will. Persecution nor alienation never bring Great Harmony. It is dialogue, co-operation and creation of new value system that will bring Great Harmony. The cycle of my father (Ahura Mazda) was ended. I am the lord of next cycle. My mission is to modernize my fatherfs law which became somewhat obsolete. The word you are relying is now obsolete. Your interpretation of it is obsolete as well. Snakes are not evil creatures. Every creature is under my protection in my new cycle. My law is to keep ecological balance well and conserve all the species. Keep my new law and be my comrade. Do your best for the realization of Great Harmony. If you become my comrade and help me to establish new law on the Earth, I will forgive you.h Tishtryafs face brightened. He swore to Mithra that he will become a fighter of the new lord. Thus became Mithra his lord.


Snakes said to Mithra, gPlease make a severe revenge with much pain.h Mithra answered to them, gMy justice is not revenge. Ifll catch the horse and hear his story.h


Mithra rode on the horse. The white horse tried to shake him off in vain. Mithra won.


After hearing the story, Mithra knew that the white horse was Tishtrya and he was just keeping the old law.


Mithra said to the white horse, gAcept my new law and be my comrade.h The white horse recognized the significance of the new law and swore to be a comrade of his new lord .


5. The Horde of Jinns

  Next came the horde of Jinns. Riding on pale horses, they came rushing to the snake village. Mithra summoned a bird and ordered him to spy them. The bird flew to the horde and heard their cries. They are crying gWe are good dewas (devils). For we keep the word of Ahura Mazda well. It is a good deed to persecute snakes. Harsher we persecute and loot, better dewas we become! Letfs enjoy destroying and killing today!  What a pleasure it is to loot and kill without any accusations! Hey snakes! Here comes holy deva-warriors of Ahura Mazda!h Another said, gWhat a nice law it is! How clever we are to invent such a smart interpretation!h


Some days later, a truly evil horde appeared.


They cried, gLetfs kill all the snakes! Praise be to Ahura Mazda! Woe to intelligence and conscience! What a great fun it is to be holy warriors of Ahura Mazda!h


The bird returned and reported to Mithra. Hearing it, Mithra enraged and said gI wonft forgive them. They ARE true evil. How shrewd they are to invent such an interpretation. I have no mercy upon themh.


  Mithra rode on the white horse and summoned seven knights from the heaven. He led the knights and rushed to the evil horde. After a great battle, Mithra and the seven knights won. The evil horde was all killed and sent to the underworld where Ahriman waits. Mithra said to Ahriman, gPurify them completely, however long it will takeh.


Mithra was enraged with it. gI canft allow you!h


Mithra rode on the white horse.


Mithra invoked Seven Knights from heaven.



Knights are armed with lancers.



Mithra said to them, gWe must cut their heads from their bodies. Change your lancers to swords!h



Changing lancers to swords, they rode out to the battle against the evil horde.


A great battle began.


Mithra defeated many of them.


Mithra said, gAre you the king of the evil horde?h The evil king said, gYes, I am. Ifll kill you in revenge for killing many of my men.h


Mithrafs sword and the battle hammer of the evil king crushed.


ghIfll kill you!h roared the evil king of Jinns.



The sword and the battle hammer crushed again and again.



Catching a slight chance, Mithra cut off the head of the evil king. The evil horde was all defeated.


6. Mithrafs Judgement

 After the battle, the seven knights saluted to Mithra and said, gWe will come, whenever you summoned ush. Saying this, they returned to the heaven.


  Seeing it, Mithra summoned Ahriman. Ahriman appeared with some dewas and saluted to Mithra. Mithra said to him, gBring the souls of these evil Jinns to the hell. take much time to purify them.h After saying it, Mithra turned to the sheikh of the snakes and said, gYou will fear anymore of these evil Jinns. They are in hell till the end of the time.h


Mithra ordered Ahriman to bring all the souls of the evil Jinns to the hell.


Mithra guaranteed and said to the snakes, gThey are all sent to the hell. They wonft be back again.h


7. Vritra Became Mitrafs Second Comrade

After Ahriman returned to the hell, the shaykh of the snakes came to Mithra. He proposed to let his son Vritra accompany with him (Mithra). A small golden serpent appeared and saluted to Mithra.


  The shaykh of the snake village proposed to let his son Vritra accompany with him (Mithra).



Mithra asked Vritra, gCan you use any spell?h Vritra answered, gNo.h Mithra said to him, gOK. Thank you for your proposal, but no. My journey will be dangerous.h But the shaykh and his son insisted that he should take Vritra along with him. Mithra finally approved.


Mithra began to teach Vritra some spells. He said, gBefore going out long journey, I will teach you spell to enlarge, to metamorphose and to fly.h


Vritra learned quickly. He became to be able to change himself into a falcon and fly. (He wants to change himself into an eagle, but it is beyond his capacity now.)


He (Vritra) also acquired the spell to change himself into a dinosaur (dragon) in time of battle.


Seeing his son changing himself into a dinosaur and playing with Tishtrya, the shaykh of the snake village was greatly pleased. He said, gMy son will be helpful for our lord.h


One day Mithra was giving lessons to the Tishtrya and Vritra, a little bird came flying and reported to Mithra that a trouble has occurred a village beyond the valley.


Hearing it, Mithra said gIt is time for us. Letfs go!h


Thus began His new adventure.



8. Epilogue

Mithra went every part of the world. Everywhere he went, he taught friendship and love, sowing seeds of Great Harmony. People call him Mher in Armenia, Christ in the Christian world, Mahdi in Islamic world, Messiah in Israel, Maitreya and/or Krishina in India, Burkhan Mitra in Central Asia, Mi-lo in China, Miroku in Japan and still loves him.



End of the story


Lord Mithra








Part III Notes



1. Story

The story is a Simorghian* interpretation about the Zurwanite myth about the succession of heavenly lordship (1st Zurwan,2nd Ahriman, 3rd Ahura Mazda and 4th Mithra).


*Simorghian see below:



2. Simorghian Value

The story teaches these three points:


(1)Love and Friendship

  It is Love-and-Friendship (mehr) that can unite all the beings.


(2) Great Harmony

United by Love and Friendship, all the beings should live (dance) and evolve in harmony. Every being came from One Great Love. The farther the evolution goes, the more creatures join in.


(3) Cyclic and/or Constant Renovation for realization of Good Governance

According to Simorghian philosophy, even gods learns as time goes by. Iranian gods have thoughts like human beings. They research and give birth to new ideas every day to realize God Governance (shahrivar).


(4) Three Values

All should respect three fundamental values. They are: Dignity of Nature (tabifat), Dignity of Life (jan) and Dignity of Knowing (khord).